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January 3, 2016
by Cave Admin
Comments Off on Project details on the latest Skies 39 Condo

Project details on the latest Skies 39 Condo

If you are someone who lives in Singapore and looking for a good and affordable place to stay in, then you might just find the condo you’re calling at Toa Payoh at a place called Skies 39. So what is this place? Well, it is basically a condominium development that is currently a work in progress and a project that is being undertaken by the well renowned Evia Real Estate Private Limited. It is due to be completed by 2020.

project details on the latest skies 39 condo

About the development

  • The tenure leasehold for this development is of a time period of 99 years.
  • The name of the developer is Evia Real Estate Private Limited.
  • The total number of residential units that are to be incorporated is 578.
  • Located at the junction of the 6/4 Toa Payoh roads.
  • Expected to be finished by the year of 2020.

About the developers

In recent years, Elvia Real Estate has managed to earn a pretty decent reputation in the condominium market. One of the biggest successes they have experienced is the Heron Bay project undertaken at Serangoon. One of the biggest reasons for their success is their massive attention to detail. Granted, they do not take too many jobs at once but the ones they do take, they complete it perfectly. If everything goes correctly, the same will happen with Skies 39 Condo.

About the residential units

This development comes with all types of bedrooms that you can possibly be in need of. This includes single bedrooms, double bedrooms, triple bedrooms along with 4 room bedrooms and 5 room bedrooms as well. All in total, there are over a 500 residential units in this condominium all of which are well spaced and fulfil all the basic requirements of a living room. So these are the basic details on the on-going project that is Skies 39 Condo. While it will take some years to complete fully (the year 2020 to be exact), it is already looking like one of the best condominium developments out there in the current market.

November 20, 2015
by Cave Admin
Comments Off on Why should people like Poiz Residential condo complex?

Why should people like Poiz Residential condo complex?

The Poiz Residences located next to Potong Pasir MRT station in Singapore is a totally modern and uniquely designed residential complex which attracts a lot of people for it amazing features and facilities that is within and also just nearby to this residential complex. This residential complex is just a perfect example of living a comfortable and luxurious life. The price of this residential complex is likely to be sold at a starting average price of $1,380 PSF.

why should people like poiz residential condo complex

Travelling Facilities

  • This residence is just next to Potong Pasir MRT station and provides access to North East MRT location.
  • It is just two stoppages from Serangoon MRT station and NEX shopping mall.
  • It is also very near to Farrer Park where the City Square mall is located.
  • The Dhoby Ghaut, the Northeast line, the North south line, the Orchard park and the Somerset are also very much near to this residential complex.
  • The Kallang-Paya Lebar, the central and the Pan Island expressways connect all the people of this residence throughout the Singapore.

Different Educational Institutes

There are many educational institutes located near the Poiz Residences. They are Saint Andrews Junior School, Saint Andrews Secondary school, Geylang Methodist primary as well as secondary school, Maris Stella High School, Pei Chun Public School, Saint Gabriel Secondary School, Bartley Secondary School, Bendemeer primary as well secondary school and also many others schools so parents living in this residential complex can send their children’s to one of these nearby schools.

Amenities & Comprehensive facilities

The people living in this Poiz Residences enjoy all the comprehensive facilities and amenities in the best way possible. They get the facility of shopping malls, KFC restaurants, gyms, lantern gardens, swimming pools, club house, POSB bank, reading corner, tea and coffee lounge, bars, spa parlors, playgrounds, meditation lounge, massage parlors, sunrise deck, outdoor kitchens and many more things.

September 13, 2015
by Cave Admin
Comments Off on Girls get the best tips on prom makeup

Girls get the best tips on prom makeup

The one event that every teenager looks up to is their high school prom. Girls and boys dress up in their best attire and look their best. Girls dream about their prom dress since their middle school when they see their elder siblings all dressed up in their best. There are designers who have a line of dresses just for prom. Not only have the dresses, the girls needed to have the makeup that goes with their dresses. Keep reading the article to know about prom makeup.

girls get the best tips on prom makeup

Simple yet elegant:

Prom does not always mean you have to flaunt a wild hair style and do heavy makeup. Those girls who do not like the wild makeup and hair can keep hair simple and straight with barely any make up. Just finely draw winged eyeliner on the top eyelash and blush pink on your lips can do wonders.

For those who prefer a little more for prom makeup, just use a bronzer or blush on their cheekbone to highlight their flawless skin. With this look side part your hair and apply lots of shine spray.

Take it from the queen Bs:

Blake Lively was seen rocking a Rapunzel braided ponytail. This look is fun and different and don’t worry about having the perfect braid; keep it a little messy. To maintain this boho-glam look sport a berry colored lipstick. If you are planning on winning the prom queen title then sport this look by Leighton Meester. Curl your hair and pull them back and tie them in a bun. With this hair flaunt crimson lips and slightly smoky eyes.

Another beautiful prom makeup will be sporting a classic hair up do and let the bangs fall over your forehead. Black mascara, neutral eye shadow and pink lips go well with this hair do.

August 5, 2015
by Cave Admin
Comments Off on Water dispenser for home and the things to note

Water dispenser for home and the things to note

If you are purchasing a water dispenser for your home, then you should check a number of things. The first thing that you should find about the device you are purchasing is the service provided by them and the cost of the services. In today’s era of water pollution, one of the basic amenities of life is to get proper and germ free drinking water. If you prefer purchasing mineral water every day for drinking purposes, it is surely going to be a costly issue for you. Thus the best option available to you is to purchase a water dispenser, which is designed for domestic use. Let us discuss the types of such dispensers you can purchase.

water dispenser for home and the things to note

The available models

The water filtration system can be directly fitted to the water reservoir to draw water for you, when you need it, or you can avail one that needs to be filled up with unclean water for giving you clean fresh water. You will have to take the responsibility of filling the dispenser tank in the second case, but the task will be done by the device itself, in the first case. Whatever may be the device, you will have to change the internal parts of the filter after some interval of time, may be a year or two.

The service

Thus, when you are going to purchase a water dispenser, one of the most important things that you should pay close attention is the quality of service provided by the organization and the price of per service. These things may change sharply from one manufacturer to another and thus, you should not take this thing for granted.

Final step

Once you get the best one, which suit your needs, then you should find the best manufacturer from the selected ones, by going through the reviews given by the users of the product.

July 28, 2015
by Cave Admin
Comments Off on Natural Breast Enlargement? Or Artificial?

Natural Breast Enlargement? Or Artificial?

To any woman, the size of the breast matters. Ladies desires that her bust would look perfect upon its shape and sizes. However, a good number of women suffers from the inadequacy of their breast, may be its size or shape. She is even ready to pay the toughest of the due for it. Fortunately, the advanced medical sciences have on its offerings several corrective measures that would make the bust to come up to the size and shape as she had been aspiring.

natural breast enlargement or artificial

To whom it is concerned?

The correctives measures comprise of both natural breast enlargement and artificial ways to approach the solution. The ones who look for the drastic solutions have to go for the superficial remedies. However it needs to be kept in mind that these measures, tough offer instant solutions, might trigger up several side effects. Also, the expenditure involved in these processes shall be significantly higher that the amount that the natural ways would require to be put upon it. Still, methods like the consumption of the breast enhancement pills shall be the only solution to those, who shall still persist upon getting instant remedies. After all, the low-esteem, that usually accompanies the ladies with smaller bust, is no lesser harmful to the concerned.

Some suggestions before to get started

However, before to start the intake of the breast enhancement pills, one should compulsorily consult the doctor. This pills actually increases and speed up the release of the female hormones that are responsible for the development of the breast. The doses of the pills can be appropriately suggested by the physician only, as it varies from one person to another. Secondly, the lady needs to ensure that she complete the full course of the medication, as suggested by the doctor, else she would not get her purpose accomplished but the chances of more complex physical an mental problems are more likely to set in. Consumption of the pills, along with breast cream and breast enlargement massage techniques will boost the enhancement effect.

June 24, 2015
by Cave Admin
Comments Off on Invest in Fernvale Residential Properties for High Capital Returns

Invest in Fernvale Residential Properties for High Capital Returns

The Fernvale is becoming as one of the most preferred place for dwelling by its multicultural masses. Either, this is the place for investments in realty. Many masses in Singapore buy their dream homes in big cities. However, there are many who like to live in the suburbs as free from city disturbance. The Fernvale have many upcoming residential projects to its masses to own a dream home in peaceful environment. The High Park Residences is one of such upcoming condominium for end use and as investments to its masses.

invest in fernvale residential properties for high capital returns

Why to Invest in Fernvale Residential Properties

There are many mega residential projects coming here. It is advisable to buy now due to its increasing trend in the value of land and property in realty market. One of such big high-rise condo project is High Park Residences. There is more demand for condominium as end use by its masses. There are also masses, which are ready to buy these condos as investments. Many are buying it as investments s as they can earn income for property by leasing it or giving them on rent.

Realty Appreciation in Fernvale, Singapore

Presently the Fernvale is developing as residential place for many who prefer out of city limit or suburb dwelling. There is more demand for residential property. The condos are most preferred to live by its masses. The High Park Residences is a high-rise condominium project under construction stage. Moreover, the proposed Seletar Aero Space Park is a massive boom to the realty business in Fernvale. Since 2007, its land value is rapidly increasing. It is advisable to buy now a condominium as dream house in Fernvale rather than to buy it at a ten time higher price in future of what is available now to buy a residential property in Fernvale.

April 24, 2015
by Cave Admin
Comments Off on Why you should go for The Terrace executive condominium in Singapore?

Why you should go for The Terrace executive condominium in Singapore?

Singapore has been considered to be one of the top locations to migrate to in Asia. Singapore has always prided itself for possessing one of the best and strictest law enforcement regulations in the area. The education scheme in Singapore has also successfully developed many new talents who have established their names in various international programs. Geographically, its small size has made traveling easy and commodious. What’s more, it’s all year round warm climate is one of the central reasons why thousands of expatriates have decided to call Singapore home. Nevertheless, besides becoming acquainted with the benefits of selecting Singapore as the ideal country to exist in, choosing the good type of Singapore houses has been a problem for many. In fact, many locals themselves find it hard to select the proper type of house that fits them. The Terrace executive condominium in Singapore can provide you the best.

why you should go for the terrace executive condominium in singapore

There are numerous features that you need to look into while choosing the best Singapore houses to go for and basically if you want to go for an executive condominium in The Terrace.
Selecting a safe place is important to insure that it is close to your work space, children’s schools and conveniences. The nearer it is to the Central Business District, the higher the predictable rental or purchase price of the home. In one case you have found a position that you are comfortable with, you must think whether or not it falls inside your budget. Rental and purchase rates vary from position to fix as well as the size and number of rooms the place holds. The terrace can provide you each and everything you need.

If you bear a bigger budget, do prefer getting bigger houses like Bungalows. They provide greater privacy and greater exposure to better facilities. Nevertheless, if you are operating within a small budget, getting The Terrace executive condominium in Singapore located in Punggol may be the ideal option for you. They are relatively one of the most inexpensive options accessible, and are independent with extra amenities. They are normally situated near prominent public transport systems, thus making traveling very convenient.

April 24, 2015
by Cave Admin
Comments Off on Dragon Bane- One Of The Most Adventurous Games Online

Dragon Bane- One Of The Most Adventurous Games Online

Online gaming has taken on a new avatar altogether, with people of all ages engaging in it. Easier access to the internet, along with better game graphics together has made gaming a very realistic and enjoyable and to some extent, obsessive experience. One such game, which has recently been the subject of interest for a number of people, is Dragon Bane, which has the perfect combination of excitement and adventure and cool graphics.

dragon bane one of the most adventurous games online

Game Specifics

As all standard action-adventure video games are, this game too is about the progression and the rewards and treasures that the character wins along the way. You can choose you characters from different classes in the game, each class with its own set of features, special characteristics, and useful skills, which can help them, survive. One of the key features of Dragon Bane Android is that you are able to face a multitude of different, interesting characters, whose sole responsibility is to stop you. After you have combated all of them, and successfully defeated them, you can simply go around collecting the loot to progress to the next level.

Overview Of The Game

There are some high points in the game when you can feel like a hero as you plough through the arena without any obstacles and even skip battles. The 3D/2D game graphics make the visuals and animations on screen come alive. It is simple enough for everyone, but poses enough challenges to become a game worth your time. Online gaming has taken on a whole new dimension, with better technology available to make the experience exciting and life-like. Dragon Bane Elite is one such game, where you have to battle dragons and a horde of other creatures, in order to help you character get to the next level.

Taking a Shortcut

If you are really interested in competing within the game, you should consider getting an account from Dragon Bane top players. These accounts are high VIP, as a VIP you get to enjoy lots of privileges as well as weekly bonuses.

April 21, 2015
by Cave Admin
Comments Off on Enjoy Every Season at Symphony Suites

Enjoy Every Season at Symphony Suites

If you get to live in a place that would give you serenity, won’t your life become easier and happier? At Symphony Suites, you would find nature playing by your side and the modern amenities and facilities would make you feel that you are in the midst of 21st century. Enjoy every season while you stay at this condo. You would get here four season landscapes that make it unique and appealing.

enjoy every season at symphony suites

Welcome Spring during your stay here

The whole condo is surrounded by well landscaped gardens and lawn. The bubbling water, green lawns, and the eco-friendly parks rejuvenate your senses. Your senses would be refreshed every time you walk around the lawn and play with your children there.

Get more fun during summer days

Summer is the season when everybody feels low and less energy is there. However, if you can dip yourself in the 50 meter pool, then you would surely start loving summers too. Either spend time with your loved ones on the sun deck or play any game of water polo. Just make out the most of every summer days. Use the fitness center to keep yourself fit and trim.

Autumn days are harvested everyday

Autumn is that part of the year when you forget about all the worldly affairs and immerse yourself is sheer fun. Use the lawn and the deck for partying with your friends. Even other families at Symphony Suites would be delighted to join you in your celebration of autumn.

Rest during the winter days

After an eventful year, it’s time to rest and find out what happened throughout the year. During winter, you also welcome the New Year and say good bye to the old one. Thus, it’s time to pamper yourself in the spa and enjoy every moment at the acoustic panel.

April 21, 2015
by Cave Admin
Comments Off on Why you should consider buying Sims Urban Oasis condominium unit?

Why you should consider buying Sims Urban Oasis condominium unit?

Sims Urban Oasis condominium is a promising upcoming residential project of GuocoLand Limited. It is situated beside Aljunied Station in the heart of district 14 in Singapore. It is located and located right on the junction of Sims Drive and Aljunied Road. This condominium comprising 8 towers with 1024 units of single to 4 bedroom areas comes with a 99 year lease period right. The units include well-thought, well-designed and sophisticated rooms and surrounding amenities. You should consider buying this condominium unit for the following reasons.

why you should consider buying sims urban oasis condominium unit

On-site Facilities

This condominium includes the minimum range of standard facilities such as a swimming pool, guard services, clubhouse, sports area, function room, indoor gym, tennis court, and BBQ area dining.

Surrounding facilities

Sims Urban Oasis condominium offers excellent surrounding facilities such as transportation, schools, shopping & entertainment, and parks & recreation. It is nearer to several excellent and reputable schools such as Geylang Methodist Primary and Secondary Schools and the Nan Chiau Primary School. It is nearer to the Paya Lebar square, the One KM Mall, Sims Vista Market and Foodcourt. It is nearer to many numerous dining options along Aljunied and Geylang roads. It is surrounded by several recreational facilities such as the Singapore Basketball Center, the Geylang East Swimming Center and the Geylang Sport and Recreational Center. It is also very close to the Singapore Sports Hub Mall and the Geylang East Public Library.
When you plan to buy a condominium unit, you don’t have to settle for anything less than your ideal condo. This Urban Oasis will definitely meet your expectations. The property developer also ensures that the level of maintenance meets your standards. Owning one of this condominium unit will be a joy and not a burden, and will provide you the opportunity to live a luxurious life with a unique style while enjoying the surrounding amenities.

April 20, 2015
by Cave Admin
Comments Off on City Gate: provides a good resort for enjoying

City Gate: provides a good resort for enjoying

City Gate provides you with complete condo facilities. The condo not only provides you with a space for gathering but also a resort where you can literally chill out with your friends. All the stress and discomfort of your life will disappear by staying at his resort. You have the opportunity to absolutely immerse yourself in the azure blue swimming pool of the condo. The landscape of the entire area is based on the beauty of nature.

city gate provides a good resort for enjoying

Everything for everyone

There is a little bit of everything in the City Gate condo. At this development, you will find just the perfect space for the entertainment of yourself as well as your entire family. You can even do a bit of catch up with your neighbors by hanging out at the BBQ pit.

The extremely luxurious facilities available at the complex can be either used by you for your own stay or be rent out. If you are thinking of investing in a particular home, then the primary objective of the investor should be to ensure that the facilities provided there is of top class.

The luxury quotient comes into consideration as you are going to stay in the place for a very long time. As a result of this it is important that you make your stay at the place quite comfortable. Other than this keeping a much broader factor in mind is the key to purchasing this kind of property. This broad factor is the fact that slowly but surely Singapore is becoming a hub for globalization.


  • The dining section as well as 3-storey shopping center creates vibrancy with their colors in the immediate surroundings.
  • The best of both the worlds can be seen in City Gate condo. You get the spectacular natural view of the Kampong Glam as well as the busy centers of the city on another side.